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Quail Hunting

The hunt for this game overflight took place on the hunting of Blace and Prokuplje.

For hunting you choose a part of the game reserve on which there are plantings of corn, wheat and clover smaller than 1 ha.

During the period in which you are hunting, all the grain is harvested, so that the land with green corn, stubble, clover and grass give the most successful. The hunt begins early and lasts a few hours until the hunters and dogs can hunt.

During the day hunters get rest and continue to hunt in the late afternoon.

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Woodcock hunting

Hunting woodcock in the period from 15/10 until 15/01

woodcockWe organize the hunting of woodcock on the land around our house hunting depending on weather conditions. The hunting grounds away from our house from 500 meters up to 20 km. The highest point of our reserve is located at an altitude of 1100 meters with the first woodcocks present from mid-October. The hunting season can last until the end of January if the climatic conditions and soil moisture permit. We have had excellent results from early November to late December, although in January also in recent years has been a good month.

We oak forests, beech, hornbeam, acacia, fairly clean and not difficult. We guarantee a result of our experience and huge passion for hunting woodcock in addition to the continuous updating of statistics and hunting diaries DVE jot down the arrival dates, periods of parking, places and number of hunted woodcock.

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Pheasant and rabbit hunting

Hunting the hare and pheasant in Serbia and in Vojvodina in the period from 16/10 until 31/12 (rabbit), ie 16/10 until 30/01 (pheasant)

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Hunting doves in Vojvodina

Hunting wild ducks and geese on the Danube

wild ducks

We organize hunting of ducks and geese and boat ambush along the Danube

Period: from 01/09 to 29/02 


Wolf hunting

Roe Deer hunting

Hunting roe deers selection in Vojvodina and Serbia (from 16 April to 30 September)

Deer hunting


Deer Hunting in Europe in the period from 01/08 until 15/02.

Boar hunting

Boar huntingHunting wild boar (male) throughout the year.


Hunting partridges and cotornes-Macedonia

macedonia partridgesHunting season: from october 11 to 14 December. Hunting partridges can be combined with hunting cotorne. The slaughter at cotorne and 3 pieces per day.

Woodcock hunting -Montenegro, Bosnia & Hercegovina

Woodcock hunting in MontenegroMontenegro - area of Bar
Bosnia - area of Bileca - distance from Dubrovnik 60 km
Period: 15.12. until 29.02. (minimum 4 hunters)


Hunting thrushes in Greece

Hunting thrushes in GreeceFor the year 2014, we at an area exclusively for hunting thrush. You can combine the hunt by stalking with that the "schaccio".
The first thrushes begin to arrive towards the end of October. The period most good is to the end of November, December, January and February.

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